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About Us

This journey began in the year 16th April 2004. L K Monu Borkala from his home in Mangalore has soiled this operation with an investment of Rs 35,000/. He began it as Directory Yellow Pages started compiling Yellow Pages for Kasaragod District and successfully released its first-ever Yellow Pages for Kasaragod in November 2004.

In 2005, he ventured with his 3 of his friends and made it as Partnership firm for Compiling Mangalore Yellow Pages and successfully released first Private Yellow Pages for Mangalore and Udupi.

Then started eying on Goa and Hill Station and started building the branches in Goa, Kannur, Hassan and Shimoga. We have also started providing ISO Consultancy & Trademark Registration services to clients.

Within a span 3 years Directory Yellow Pages has 6 branches and 4 Directories in hand and started expansion exponentially. Later 1n 2007 it rebranded as “OneCity Media and in 2009 it's incorporated as “Onecity media Pvt. Ltd”

OneCity released Yellow Pages for Mangalore & Udupi, Kasaragod & Kannur, Goa and Hill Stations, Educational Directories, Health Directories, Bimonthly magazines & biweekly Magazines till 2005, Once the Print market, has a downtrend, OneCity diversified its business to online. We have full-pledged online Business Directorwww.oyolist and it has 21000 business Listing of Mangalore City Local Listings. So it modified its company name as Onecity Digital Media and started providing services of Website Designing, Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Designing solutions and many more Branding Solutions.

Now OneCity has 6700+ Clients only form Mangalore from various service fields of Yellow Pages, ISO, Website, Trademark & other compliances services.We built things; we met so many people, created long term business relationship, learned so much and grew as a whole now.

we have developed our own web portals like www.india-education.com, www.oyolist.com, www.colorjobs.in and eCommerce websitewww.borkal.comwhich is going to be our ongoing ventures

we have partners in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait & Oman.we have also had the overseas client and we are setting up the great expansion of GCC countries.

our future business is Ecommerce and we may launch it in September 2019 and also want to set up Digital Marketing School to create extra employment for the youth and we may launch it in January 2019.

Journey of OneCity Media in Short -

  • OneCity journey started in the year 2004

  • Successfully released 'Yellow pages' for Mangalore & Udupi

  • Expanded the operations in Goa, Kannur, Udupi, Hassan & Chikmagalur

  • Rebranded "OneCity" as "OneCity Media"

  • Company showed tremendous growth in just a few years

  • Company incorporated "OneCity" as "OneCity Media Pvt Ltd"

  • Successfully gained 6000+ customers

  • Company wants to bring revolution, worked on Education & health directories

  • Increased team strength

  • New services upgraded

  • Exploring IT in different sectors

  • Branding solution provided

  • Company started to work on new projects

  • Our Approach to the world: 10+ countries & 99% customer satisfaction

  • Focused on Digital marketing

  • New joint partnership in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait & Oman

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