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Digital marketing has come to mean marketing or advertising through digital means. It is an important component of marketing and in fact, can be regarded as one of the most powerful modes of marketing. The importance of digital marketing in today's world, has led to the rise in the demand for digital marketing professionals. Professionals from different backgrounds and educational qualifications can upgrade their digital marketing skills through short or long term digital marketing courses.

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Why you should pursue a digital marketing course

With the internet capturing every field, digital marketing has become a popular course to pursue. Here are some reasons why you should take up a digital marketing course in Mangalore.
  • Ease of course

    The digital marketing courses are not complicated or difficult. Though, may seem technical, the course is easy and simple to understand. Generally, there are no entrance examinations in schools or colleges offering digital marketing courses to students or professionals.

  • Upskill course

    Digital marketing courses are more skill and knowledge based. Therefore, pursuing a digital marketing course can upgrade your skills to a new level.

  • Short duration

    Depending on the college or school you attend, digital marketing courses are usually for a short duration. The course lasts for as little as a few months to just over a year. The course can be completed while you attend regular college classes or even after your work schedule.

  • Affordable

    The digital marketing course is an affordable course. OneCity Business School, an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd offers short duration digital marketing courses in Mangalore for an affordable fee. The company aims to encourage students and professionals to participate in the course and learn the nuances of digital marketing.

  • Learn while you study

    You can pursue a digital marketing course without having to leave your full time job. Part time digital marketing courses are available to suit your time.

  • Enhanced career prospects

    On completion of the digital marketing course, you have brighter career prospects. Every company or business requires digital marketing. From local businesses to fortune 500 companies, every company requires to be seen online. Therefore, arming yourself with knowledge in digital marketing will boost your career growth.

  • Own business

    Digital marketing is a profession by itself and need not be accompanied with any other professional degree. You can start your own digital marketing company too.

  • Freelancing

    Another popular career path is freelancing. That is, you can work for multiple organizations without being on the rolls of a single company. This has become a popular career path because it offers several advantages like flexibility in working hours, multiple sources of income and payment according to work performed. Several digital marketing professionals are successful freelancers.


Digital marketing course at OneCity Business School.

OneCity business School is an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd. It has always been in the forefront when it comes to providing quality digital marketing services to clients across the globe. With years of experience in the field of digital marketing, OneCity now aims to provide students and professionals with the digital marketing knowledge through its novel digital marketing course. The team of experts at OneCity are well experienced and highly qualified digital marketing analysts that have the enthusiasm. OneCity Business School has drafted a comprehensive digital marketing course that includes the learning of all the digital marketing tools coupled with practical training and real time project completion. The digital marketing course covers significant and important areas in digital marketing, with personalized training and coaching. The Google digital marketing course includes communication skills and technical training.

What you will learn at OneCity Business School?

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Basics of digital marketing

While mostly theory based, the basics of digital marketing is an important part of the google digital marketing course. Without learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, larger concepts may be difficult to comprehend. Therefore, at OneCity Business School, the fundamentals of digital marketing are taught to students in the first level.

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Pay Per Click

At OneCity Business school, learn the basics of PPC advertising and how to effectively use Pay Per Click advertisements on behalf of clients for promotional purposes. The main purpose of PPC marketing is to maximize the returns on investments for clients. PPC management is the organization of the PPC strategy for a company or business.

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Creation of Google Ads

Google search engine is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Google captures around 85% of the online market when it comes to search engines. Given the popularity of Google, placing Google ads will benefit clients to the maximum. The Google digital marketing course at OneCity Business School trains students to create Google Ads and allow clients' businesses to appear when searched for by a user. Through Google ads clients can achieve more sales by directing users to your website and thereby increase users to your shop or site.

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Basic and advanced SEO tutorials

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a fundamental concept in digital marketing. SEO is the optimization of content so that it appears on top of the charts when keywords are searched. It requires in-depth technical training. At OneCity Business School students can be assured of specialized training in Search engine Optimization.

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Content writing

Content forms the basis of digital marketing. Without good content, digital marketing will be of no avail. Content needs to be meaningful and be able to attract the attention of the customer. Content needs to be SEO friendly with the right keywords placed in the content. The digital marketing course at OneCity Business School, an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd covers content writing fundamentals as part of the course. The course includes instructions on how to create meaningful yet effective content, write audience friendly content, technicalities of content writing, outbound links, and other important aspects of content writing.

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Content marketing

Slightly different from content writing, content marketing is another effective arm of digital marketing. Digital marketing courses will throw light on the different types of content marketing which do not directly advertise or promote a product or service but will encourage or attract a user to the particular product or service. It aims at stimulating an interest in a particular product or service. Content marketing can be done through blogs, vlogs, social media posts or videos.

Why you must enrol yourself at OneCity Business School for a digital marketing course?

The digital marketing course at OneCity Business School is well planned and is regarded as one of the most comprehensive courses in digital marketing. Not only will students receive theoretical knowledge on the tools of digital marketing, but will also receive real time projects for a hands on learning experience.
At OneCity Business School, the focus is on current trends and marketing practices, making it one of the most advanced courses of its time. The course includes marketing details, tips and guidelines on how to effectively adopt digital marketing practices. The course is suitable for beginners, with no knowledge of online marketing as well as for professionals looking to upgrade their skills. This digital marketing course will teach you how to use tools of digital marketing in the most effective manner.
Assessments and periodic testing will be conducted to ensure complete understanding of concepts taught. For successful understanding of digital marketing concepts, OneCity Business School introduces real time active learning with project based coaching, thereby ensuring experiential learning through live coaching.
Digital marketing has become one of the most important and most effective tools for advertising. Almost every business is actively involved in the promotion of its products and services through digital means. The increase in the use of digital marketing services across the globe has given rise to the increase in the demand for digital marketing professionals. Short term digital marketing courses can be a useful career boost for professionals trying to make their mark in the digital space. OneCity Business School offers one of the most comprehensive and all inclusive digital marketing courses in Mangalore.