Internship in Mangalore

One City Business School, an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Many employers are apprehensive of employing fresh graduates for vacant posts in the company. The reason being, fresh graduates need to be trained and upskilled before being able to perform. This means that for a particular duration of time, the company will be investing in a fresher without any returns. For many companies, this may be a difficult proposition because of certain financial constraints and economic conditions prevailing in the market. Moreover, the prevalent competitive market conditions have compelled companies to hire experienced graduates in order to remain ahead of the race.

Students are now realizing the importance of gaining experience while studying. This gives them a greater opportunity of being absorbed by companies immediately after graduation. Gaining work experience while studying means that by the time students graduate, they would have also learnt the nuances of the trade. Pursuing an internship in Mangalore is the best way for students to gain experience and get a feel of the work environment while still pursuing their respective courses.

Find the internship that's ideal for you. Develop your professional network and kickstart your career.

What are Internships and Why are they important?

Internships can be defined as a formal platform that provides practical experience for students or beginners in a particular profession. Often, also referred to as apprenticeships, internships integrate the classroom learning with pragmatic training to offer a holistic approach to the profession or course. Many companies in Mangalore, employing fresh MBA graduates or software professionals prefer students who have attended internships during their educational course. There are many companies in Mangalore offering internship programmes for professional courses
OneCity Business School, an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd offers practical training and internships for students from various educational backgrounds. The company offers different types of training, including paid internships in Mangalore. With experienced mentors and highly qualified guides, OneCity Business School offers the most comprehensive internships in Mangalore for MBA and other professional courses.
Assessments and periodic testing will be conducted to ensure complete understanding of concepts taught. For successful understanding of digital marketing concepts, OneCity Business School introduces real time active learning with project based coaching, thereby ensuring experiential learning through live coaching.
Digital marketing has become one of the most important and most effective tools for advertising. Almost every business is actively involved in the promotion of its products and services through digital means. The increase in the use of digital marketing services across the globe has given rise to the increase in the demand for digital marketing professionals. Short term digital marketing courses can be a useful career boost for professionals trying to make their mark in the digital space. OneCity Business School offers one of the most comprehensive and all inclusive digital marketing courses in Mangalore.

Benefits of internships from Mangalore; OneCity Business School

  • Practical experience

    Informative books may be able to get you the scores and grades you desire. However, practical experience can never come from books. To gain active experience in a particular profession or trade, short duration or long duration internships can help in a big way. Courses like MBA are highly competitive, internships in Mangalore for MBA students can help fresh MBA graduates secure jobs almost instantly. These internships offer practical training to the students and provide students with real time industrial coaching.

  • Enhance employability chances

    Pursuing an internship at OneCity Business School, a company in Mangalore for internships, can increase your chances of securing your dream job. As mentioned above, employers prefer to employ experienced graduates rather than graduates who are fresh out of bookish knowledge. OneCity Business school, an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd offers apprenticeship to students, enabling them to enhance their chances of being absorbed in companies in Mangalore.

  • Training by experts

    OneCity business school has some of the most qualified mentors and guides on board. They offer top quality training with real time practice, making students industry ready at all levels. OneCity Business School is an initiative of OneCity Technologies, a digital marketing company which believes in creating professionals for the future. It is one of the few software companies in Mangalore for internships of various kinds.

  • Builds confidence

    Pursuing an internship in Mangalore can help you build confidence. Gaining work experience while you study trains you to be ready for the real world. The real world is much different from theoretical knowledge. This difference must be understood by students. Understanding the difference between theory and practice can be advantageous for students. Pursuing an internship with a company in Mangalore, can give you a heads up on what to expect when you are in the real world. Internships give you confidence, knowing that you are aware of what to expect.

  • Earn while you study

    Many internships are paid internships in Mangalore depending on the type of internship you are offered. OneCity Business School offers voluntary as well as paid internships for students. The advantage of paid internships in Mangalore is that you can earn while you study and learn the value of hard earned money while you are still pursuing your course.

  • Create a network

    It is important for students to create a broad network base while studying. It is equally important for employees to create a network on the professional front too. A survey conducted in 2016, revealed that 85% of jobs are secured via networking. Therefore, networking is an important aspect for students. Pursuing internships as a student can allow you to start networking early on in life, thereby creating a broader base that will help your professional growth.

  • Learn professionalism

    OneCity Business School, a software company in Mangalore for internships is a professional company engaged in providing digital marketing services to clients located across the globe. OneCity Business School offers professional internships in Mangalore for students and graduates. OneCity Business School, trains students and graduates to face the professional world, whether it's training in technical knowledge of the subject or in communications and interactions. The mentors and guides at OneCity Business School are experts in their field and provide excellent training to interns. Corporate dynamics and work culture are two important aspects that are often difficult for fresh graduates to understand immediately. Internships allow students to get accustomed to office dynamics faster.

  • Build your resume

    For students, building your resume is one of the most important parts of career building. An internship from OneCity Business School, one of the best companies for internships in Mangalore for MBA, will add to the credentials on your resume. OneCity Business School offers professional internships in Mangalore. With practical training and character building, voluntary and paid internships from OneCity Business school will have a positive impact on your resume.

  • Safe environment to learn and progress

    Pursuing an internship from OneCity Business School allows you to learn from the right sources. This top company in Mangalore for internships provides a safe and secure learning environment, allowing students and graduates to perform to their maximum potential. The company offers skill training along with professional and practical training for business students.


Internship Experience at OneCity Technologies

OneCity Technologies Pvt Limited has always been in the forefront when it comes to providing students and graduates with a fresh perspective. The training and guidance given to students can go a long way in shaping their careers. Internships at OneCity are carefully deliberated upon and include training and tutoring in all areas for corporate sustenance and growth. Apart from technical training, the internship packages include comprehensive coaching and training on important skills like communications, analytical thinking, critical thinking, adaptability and interpretational skills. The internships deliberately include skill training, necessary for career growth. From basic PC and technical education to IT skills and project management skills, OneCity is known for its all embracing internships for MBA students.

OneCity Business School is one of the top companies in Mangalore offering professional internships for students. Business students or fresh graduates looking for professional training and a fresh perspective can apply for internships and training at OneCity Business School. Short or long duration voluntary and paid internships are available depending on your educational background. OneCity Business School, an initiative of OneCity Technologies Pvt Ltd, offers career and educational advice through their professional services.