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Onecity Digital Media is the Top Rated and Trusted Water Automation Dealer in Mangalore offering Water Automation in Mangalore, India. Water Level Controller ensures that your Water Tank is full automatically. Water Pump Automation assures customers with automatic water refilling to the water tank when its empty and the user need not go manually and switch on the pump untill water is full. The Water Automation Sytem uses high frequency sensors which handle all the operations like a robot. Onecity Water Automation System is the Best Water Automation Dealer in Mangalore, India.

Water Automation Sytem makes your life very much easier and with advanced technology its consumes very less electricity power which reduces your monthly electricity bill. Pump Automation is the key to save your time as it manages your pump on and off whenever the water level goes below the bottom line. Either you are a Small House or Multistorey Apartment Water Automation is a must if you don't have one. Water Pump Automation houses save a lot of time.

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Water Automation is a system for automatic pump on and off when water level decreses in the water tank automatically.

Whoever follows this Water Level Controller is always happy as it does work on its own.

Pump Automation gives the confidence to the customers as the inbuilt Sensors are highly advanced which detects water level

Water Sensor handles the operation of refilling the Water Tank automatically whenver the water level decreases its quantity


1. Motivates confidence of the user, customer and helps in saving electricity.

2. Fills the water into tank and can provide HIGHLY Advanced Indicators which shows the water level in the tank.

3. Great tool to save a lot of time and manpower.

4. Metro City Peoples prefer to use Water Automation Sytems as they are very busy in their work.

5. Helps in getting Purifing the Water and While Filling the water to Tank

6. Provides eligibility to relocate any place allover India and International refgions.

7. Helps to provide better user satifaction sometimes when hands are wet.

8. It helps to SAVE 10-20% more Electricity than other water automation systems.

9. 100% fully automatic with latest function and sensors.

10. Very easy to maintain and clean because of its small size.