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ONECITY BUSINESS DIRECTORY, one-stop business information publishes expansive reach of business related services. It is the most recalled option for all businessman and homemaker, looking for information at their fingertips, where they can get it and use easily. In addition, oyoList, being an Online Directory made search easy for the companies by providing various categories with options to choose. Now buyers can access local information throughout world through our Online Business Directory.

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Mr. L.K. Borkala started his career as a Sales Executive for one of the reputed publishing companies in India since 1999, through which he could acquire immense experiences in field of marketing, sales, customer service, customer support, management, training, recruitments, digital marketing and many more. On grounds of 5 years of thorough experience, he gained confidence and took the initiative to start his own business from his home in Karkala on 16th April 2004 and launched first start-up Directory Yellow Pages. Within six months Directory Yellow Pages launched its first Edition in Kasargod, Kerala, giving its own name. Later when the business expanded with the partnership venture, Directory Business cards was launched in 2006 in Mangalore, followed by 2nd Edition called Directory Yellow Pages in 2007. In 2008, Directory Yellow Pages begin to work with the brand name as ‘ONECITY’ and thus 3rd Edition, ONECITY YELLOW PAGES was launched in 2009, at the time when ONECITY was registered and named as ONECITY MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.Till 2015, 9 Editions were released. After prolonged research we have been re-launching ONECITY YELLOW PAGES as ONECITY BUSINESS DIRECTORY, the 10th Edition, in 2018, and will be released before 2019. Simultaneously, a new venture, OYOLIST, an Online Business Directory is being launched .The complete conception of ONECITY BUSINESS DIRECTORY has been upgraded as multi categorized by having 20 main categories including 20 sub directories which makes search easier.


Being updated with Information Technology, Mr. Monu Borkala is well-equipped with the latest online features, hence branding a new establishment quite soon. He has also been trained in other streams like Sales & Marketing, Personality & Management, Time Management & Leadership. Being an aspiring leader, motivator and a problem solver, is responsible and an endless crave to move to higher levels with the utmost passion. He represents himself as a Youth Icon for the youngsters to follow his trails.

The team of 'OneCity' also called 'Team OneCity' is a family with innovation, ambition and expert in visualization, dedicating their talents in making effective business strategies. Their energetic zeal spread the charm to utilize learning experience and turned into practical solutions point to business demands. A work is not complete unless and until the team has done a thorough read-through and evaluation carried out.

OneCity has been optimizing team efforts, with a good rapport among the buyers and sellers, maintaining utmost concern about the market review, contacts and requirements. Their production prioritizes mindset and requirements of the customers.

With the tremendously growing digital media, every business is getting online. Lots of online shopping portals are available from where a user can buy what it needs but there are still some services that are not easily accessible through such portals. oyoList is one platform that gets you all information that you need in order to reach all kinds of services including tailor shops, tire repair, and juice corners. The use of services from oyoList.com has plenty of benefits both for the business owners who want to sell their services as well as the users who want to collect information about such. Plenty of business owners would be able to increase their profit margin through the use of oyoList.com and this has been major because of the following benefits that are provided: # Your business gets online which increases the number of potential customers. As every successful business is online, it is very much important to get online customers. # With an increase in the number of online customers, your revenue grows which opens up gates for further enhancing your business. # Users looking for the services you provide can easily reach you through well-detailed maps and directions provided at the site # Many of the services are not easily accessible through online sales portals and detailed information about them at the site could help getting more customers # As OyoList.com is reached by global audience, it lets you bring your services to a larger platform which helps to increased your customers # A section to allow customers to provide feedback for the business owners is available; happy customers will let you get more of them. # Overall image of your service in the market will improve considerably through a strong online presence oyoList.com is one place that has plenty for both, the service providers as well as their customers. Online viewers to the site are able to enjoy following benefits: # Users can easily access information of a number of services # Simple directions to the shop available through a good build map interface is available to the viewers # Opportunity to find the best of the services through a fair rating system which is based on feedback from the past customers # Users can search easily for any shop based on the PIN code or map through GPS location criteria which makes it extremely simple look for the right services # Call support is provided by oyoList for its users by which they can find any service provider through a simple call which gives them the opportunity to get to the best services even at locations where internet connectivity is limited Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, oyoList ensures that the quality of information on its site is maintained and all data is accurate. The growth of OyoList.com is a result of the effort put up by its team to provide the best services to its viewers. Updates for any changes of the content are made on a periodic basis. The ever-increasing database of OyoList.com is helping many customers in finding the right services based on their needs and requirements.

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